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6 things you didn’t know about Bola Aduwo


Bola Aduwo

Nollywood screenwriter, publicist and blogger Bola Aduwo is Ladybrille Magazine’s Woman of the Month of October.

How well do you the talented screenwriter, and PR guru?

Check out 6 things you probably don’t know about her;

#1:. Aduwo is a trained broadcaster who worked as a Senior producer in the nation’s capital, Abuja on Kapital FM 92.9.

#2:. Aduwo discovered her flair for writing after her former school mate Emem Isong, made her realize her gift.

#3:. Bola was raised in the same household as her famed fashion designer cousin, Duro Olowu, (designer to Michelle Obama, Uma Thurman, Linda Evangelista amongst others), after she lost her father died in a car accident at a tender age.

#4:. Bola Aduwo has teamed up with Isong to co-write many Nollywood’s hit screen plays such as ‘A Minute to Midnite'(1997), ‘Hit & Run'(1998) and ‘For Real,’ ‘Reloaded,’ ‘Guilty Pleasures,’ ‘Bursting Out,’ ‘I’ll Take My Chances,’ and ‘Code of Silence,’ a film about rape, which is now screening in theaters across Nigeria and available online.

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#5:. In 2005, she left her job with the Federal Radio Corporation (FRCN) in Abuja and moved to Lagos to pursue her passion first for writing, then as a publicist.

#6:. An avid blogger and publicist, Bola is Ladybrille Magazine Woman of the Month for October 2015.

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