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Wale Adenuga was born on September 4th 1950 in Ile-ife, Osun State. He had his secondary education at the prestigious Kings College, Lagos and proceeded to the University of Lagos where he obtained his B.Sc in Business- Administration in 1974.

The artistic endowment of Wale Adenuga which started manifesting since he was a boy had gone through several transformations by the time he was through with his university education. Armed with his training as a business administrator, he took a bold step into the business of humour.

In 1976, Adenuga hit the news stand with his comic magazine Ikebe Super which had popular comic characters like Papa Ajasco, Mama Ajasco, Pa Jimoh, Boy Alinco andMiss Pepeye. In no time, the comic became a household item with each edition selling in the region of 500,000 copies. The deserving success was alarming.

Not one to rest on his oars, Wale Adenuga’s business and artistic foresight saw an opportunity in the day to day human angle true life stories, he captured this in yet another magazine aptly named Super Story. Again, this magazine recorded another monumental success, with every home having at least a copy.

Observing that students seemed to have been left out of the groove, he came up with an educational cum entertaining magazine – Binta.The materials in Binta, made teachers and education administrators recommend it for every secondary school pupils, yet another success story.

Having conquered the print journalism sector, Wale Adenuga’s creative restlessness saw him tasking broadcasting professionals in 1983 to transform a classic story laced with humour into celluloid film titled ‘Papa Ajasco’. As expected it was a box office hit such that it surpasses the success standard of the industry at that time.

Subsequently, the home video industry became the in-thin in Nigeria, so in 1995, he produced a moving suspense filled home video titled ‘Binta My Daughter’ the acceptance it enjoyed made him recoil into his artistic cocoon to see how he will not just be a participant in the movie industry but to make a statement that will earn him respect for having a knack for standards.

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He withdrew from the magazine business in 1996 due to unfriendly business climate which almost rendered publishing unviable with hyper – inflation and very high cost or production. However he sought for an alternative avenue for reaching unto his teeming fans with his load of humour.

The research took him a year. He hit the viewers with Papa Ajasco & Company a television comedy series which became an instant success and till date remains the unrivalled number one television comedy programme as it is aired on 40 television channels in Nigeria, a couple of West African T.V. Stations and some cable stations. He has received several awards for this ingenuity.

In 2001, he ventured into adaptation of popular stories of the successful Super Story magazine for television. Today, ‘Super story’ is the most watched television drama in Nigeria. Super story has won Wale Adenuga productions Limited several accolades.

It did not come as a surprise when he was one of the very few independent television producers that were contracted by T.V. Africa (a South Africa based outfit) to produce two television drama productions of international standard – he produced ‘This Life’ and ‘Odd World’ which have been shown not only on all Nigerian channels but also across Africa and beyond.


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