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Joanna Scanlan Biography


Joanna Scanlan is an English actress and television writer best known for her roles in various comedy series such as The Thick of It, Doctors and Nurses, Getting On and Little Britain.
Television Roles

Show                                                                                                             Character

Getting On (UK) – Season 1                                                                 Sister Den Flixter

Getting On (UK) – Season 2                                                                 Sister Den Flixter

Getting On (UK) – Season 3                                                                  Sister Den Flixter

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Getting On (USA) – Season 3                                                               Sister Den Flixter

Jekyll – Season 1                                                                                            Nurse                 My Family – Season 2                                                                             Dental Assistant

Rev. – Season 3                                                                                          Jill Mallory

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