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10 Top School of Nursing in Nigeria

Nurses are very important in every country as they offer supportive roles to doctors in the quest to save lives and attend to sick people. In most cases, nursing are in charge of making sure patients take their medications and taking other necessary indices such as blood pressure and temperature normally. There are two options […]

10 Top Oil Servicing Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria major source of external revenue is her oil sector. After crude oil was discovered in Nigeria in 1956, a lot of oil companies starting with shell came to Nigeria to explore oil. Since the 1970s however when exploration began on a normal commercial scale, the sector quickly overtook the agricultural sector and took over […]

Top Microfinance Banks In Nigeria

Microfinance banks are mini banks which do not have the capital, fame or spread of commercial banks. They are however also important as they help individuals or groups with loans especially farmers and small and medium scale entrepreneurs. In Nigeria, Microfinance banks have led to the establishment of small and medium scale enterprises through their […]

10 Top Shipping Companies in Nigeria

A bulk part of the loads transported around the world today are transported through ships. This is more so due to the fact that most of the imports and exports between countries are done by sea. These goods range from crude oil to agricultural products, raw materials, mineral resources and finished products. Nigeria also engage […]

Top 10 Event Centres In Lagos

Event centres have evolved to become an integral part of rental section of the real estate business. We live in a society where we love to party and “kill” every weekend that comes our way; so what better way for a real estate entrepreneur to get some more useful bucks than building event centres. Be […]

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria

Education is very important and getting your child to one of the best schools is a great way to invest in their future. Before deciding on the school, you should carry out a proper assessment of the school. Below are the top 10 best Secondary Schools in Nigeria: 1. The American International School of Lagos […]

10 Fast Moving Businesses in Nigeria

It’s another day, another business idea in Nigerian business industry and this is a very good thing because in the past, Nigerians weren’t too serious about tapping into its business opportunities. We left all the viable businesses for the Lebanese, Chinese, Americans and Indians to run while we opted for importing goods into the country […]

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