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Ciara Renée Biography

Ciara Renée is an American actress, singer and musician best known for her role as Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl in the superhero action series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Television Roles Show                                                                      Character Arrow – Season 4                                                     Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 1                   Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl Law & Order: Special […]

Falk Hentschel Biography

Falk Hentschel is a German actor is a German actor best known for his role as Carter Hall / Hawkman in the superhero action series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Television Roles Show                                                                                          Character Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 2                                           Marcus Scarlotti Arrested Development – Season 2                                          Hot Cops ‘Jay’ Arrow – Season 4                                                                     Carter Hall […]

Amy Pemberton Biography

Amy Pemberton is an English actress best known for voicing the role of Gideon, the artificial intelligence of the Waverider, in the superhero action series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Television Roles Show                                                                                             Character DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 1                                                  Gideon (voice) DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2                                                  Gideon (voice)

Casper Crump Biography

Casper Crump is a Danish actor best known for playing Rune in Almost Perfect, Enzo in Helium and Vandal Savage in the Arrowverse. Television Roles Show                                                                                         Character Arrow – Season 4                                                                     Vandal Savage DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 1                                  Vandal Savage The Flash – Season 2                                                              Vandal Savage

Kate Bosworth Biography

Kate Bosworth is an American actress and model who first rose to fame with her lead role as teenage surfer Anne Marie Chadwick in the 2002 feature film Blue Crush. Television Roles Show                                                                                                 Character Independent Spirit Awards – Season 20                                         Presenter – Herself Project Runway – Season 12                                                          Guest Judge – Herself The Art of […]

Jencarlos Canela Biography

Jencarlos Canela is an American actor and singer/songwriter best known to television audiences for his roles in Telemundo telenovelas like Pecados ajenos, Más sabe el diablo, Mi corazón insiste en Lola Volcán and Pasión prohibida. He also starred in the English-language spoof of telenovelas, title Telenovela. The series was produced by and starred Eva Longoria. […]

Jose Moreno Brooks Biography

Jose Moreno Brooks is an American actor best known for his starring role as Gael Garnica, Ana Sofia’s gay friend and co-star who plays her love interest on the show, in the television sitcom Telenovela. Growing up in San Jose, California, Brooks went on to graduate from UCLA with a degree in economics and philosophy, […]

Jadyn Douglas Biography

Jadyn Douglas (previously known as Jadyn Maria) is a Puerto Rican-born American singer-songwriter and actress best known for her starring role as Roxi Rios, the show’s youngest cast member who is dimwitted yet insightful, in the television sitcom Telenovela. Douglas started her pursuit of acting in 2011 while living in New York. In 2012, she […]

Izzy Diaz Biography

Izzy Diaz is an American actor best known for his starring role as Isaac Aguero, the show’s head writer who drunkenly writes the episodes only to forget the scenes he wrote the next day, in the television sitcom Telenovela. On the big screen, Diaz appeared in Brian De Palma’s Iraqi war drama Redacted. His TV […]

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Biography

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is an American actress best known for her roles in the horror films Final Destination 3, Black Christmas, Death Proof, The Thing and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Additional film credits include 10 Cloverfield Lane, featuring John Goodman; Scott Pilgrim vs. the World; Smashed; Faults; Alex of Venice; A Good Day to Die […]

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