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Katie Willcox, Biography

Real name: Katie Willcox, Profession: Model Place of birth: America Date of birth: Elegant model, author and speaker, Katie Willcox, aged 31 who is also the CEO of Healthy is the new skinny social media movement. She first started out as a plus-size model at the age of 17. Due to her size, she faced […]

Real name: Bo Stanley Profession: Model Place of birth: America Date of birth: May 1, 1992 Beautiful and Curvaceous plus sized Model, Bo Stanley is a surfer, athlete, model, and activist. She is a plus sized model born May 1, 1992 and lives in Carpinteria, California. Having parents who are both surfers, she began surfing […]

Hanna Oberg Biography

Real name: Hanna Oberg Profession: Fitness Model Place of birth: Sweden Date of birth: March 9, 1989 Sponsored Athlete and fitness model Hanna Oberg was born March 9, 1989 in Sweden. She is 5’2″ (157.5cm). She specializes in advocating a “healthy lifestyle” for women and helps them to improve on their physique. She began a […]

Ela Pasion Biography

Real name: Ela Pasion Profession: Model Place of birth: Philippines Date of birth: Ela Pasion is a model and of Filipino descent. She was raised and lives in Los Angeles, CA. She got into modeling while interning at Def Jam/Ncredbile Records (Nick Cannon’s Label) and there she was inspired to make it in the world […]

Linn Jacobsson Biography

Real name: Linn Jacobsson Profession: Model Place of birth: Sweden Date of birth: Linn Jacobsson is a Swedish fitness model and Instagram star. The 28 years model who was born in Ystad, Sweden weighs 50-52 kg. She began to do gymnastics at the age of 4 and has performed in many competitions until the age […]

Rosanna Cordaba Biography

Real name: Rosanna Cordaba Profession: Model Place of birth:Colombia Date of birth: Fitness and bikini Model, Rosanna Cordaba was born April 1st. From Valledupar, Northern, Colombia, where she was born but moved to the U.S in 2013. There in the US, she struggled to fulfill her dream which was difficult in her native country. Rosanna […]

Stacey Elyse Tonkes Biography

Real name: Stacey Elyse Tonkes Profession: Model Place of birth: Date of birth: Stacey Elyse Tonkes is a model and stylist who has risen to fame especially through her Instagram account which has over half a million followers. Her beautiful skin didn’t start today to glow, since the age of 13 she have always moisturized […]

Kristina Mendonca Biography

Real name: Kristina Mendonca Profession: Model Place of birth: Australia Date of birth: July 26, 1997 Kristina Mendonca was born on July 26, 1997 in Australia. She’s a model and an Instagram sensation who has earned representation from Viviens Modeling Agency as well as Two Management Los Angeles. Her Instagram account have more than 400,000 […]

Olivia Donaldson Biography

Real name: Olivia Donaldson Profession: Model Place of birth: Australia Date of birth: Born in 1994, Olivia Donaldson is an Australian model who was among the 12 finalists on Season 1 (AUS) of The Face. Though she was criticized for her over-sexiness but she still went ahead to win the season. In 2011 she graduated […]

Denice Moberg Biography

Real name: Denice Moberg Profession: Model Place of birth: Sweden Date of birth: Renowned Sweedish fitness model and sponsored athlete, Denice Moberg was born in Sweden in 1993. She’s known particularly for her workout videos and guides where she shows various exercises to strengthen the body and tone the skin. She began her fitness journey […]

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