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Linda Sokhulu Biography

Real name: Linda Sokhulu Profession:Actress Place of birth:South Africa Date of birth: September 13, 1976 Award winning South African actress, Linda Sokhulu was born on September 13, 1976 in Durban. She attended Cambridge College in 1994 then studied fashion at Technikon Natal. She also studied commerce at University of South Africa. She later went on […]

Philomena Kwao Biography

Real name:Philomena Kwao Profession:Model Place of birth:London Date of birth:October 2, 1989 Philomena Kwao is a London based model who was born on October 2, 1989 in London, England to Ghanian parents. A plus-sized model who rose to fame as the face of the trendy, clothing line, Torrid. She studied at the Imperial College London […]

Amara La Negra Biography

Real name:Amara La Negra Profession:Rapper Place of birth:Brazil Date of birth: October 4, 1990 Spanish language rapper, Amara La Negra who was born in October 4, 1990 in Miami, FL. She was raised by her single mother who emigrated from the Dominican Republic to the United States in search for greener pastures to support her […]

Teddy Moutinho Bioraphy

Real name:Teddy Moutinho Profession: socialite Place of birth:Brazil Date of birth: October 21, 1999 Teddy Moutinho is a socialite that was born on October 21, 1999 in Brazil as the only child. She attended the American International School of Johannesburg. Teddy rose to stardom through her Instagram account which have more than 360,000 followers and […]

Erika Gray Biography

Real name:Erika Gray Profession: Model Place of birth:Brazil Date of birth: April 19, 1990 Erika Gray was born on April 19, 1990 in Brazil but also of German descent. She’s a fitness model, social media influencer and a blogger. Let’s get to know her more as we always do at mybiohub, she’s well known in […]

Tarrus Riley Biography

Real name:Tarrus Riley Profession: Artist Place of birth:America-Bronx Date of birth: 26 April 1979 Tarrus Riley (born Omar Riley, 26 April 1979, Bronx, New York, United States) is a Jamaican-American reggae singer and member of the Rastafari movement. He was nominated In AFRIMMA AWARD 2016 under the categories of Caribbean Artist of the year. Riley […]

Gwede Mantashe Biography

Real name:Gwede Mantashe Profession: Politician Place of birth:South Africa Date of birth: 21 June, 1955 Gwede Mantashe was born on 21 June, 1955 in Cala in the Transkei(now Eastern Cape). He is a South African politician, who currently serves as the Secretary General of the African National Congress. He is also a former chairperson of […]

Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki Biography

Real name: Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki Profession: Politician Place of birth:South Africa Date of birth: 18 June, 1942 Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki was born on 18 June, 1942 and raised in Mbewuleni, Cape Province, Union of South Africa, he is one of four children of Epainette and Govan Mbeki. The economist Moeletsi Mbeki is one of his brothers. […]

Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi Biography

Real name: Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi Profession: Politician Place of birth:Sirte- Libya Date of birth: Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi was born in 1942 near Qasr Abu Hadi, a rural area outside the town of Sirte in the deserts of Tripolitania, western Libya. His family came from a small, relatively un-influential tribal group called […]

Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa Biography

Real name: Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa Profession: Politician Place of birth: Soweto Date of birth: 17 November, 1952 Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa was born on 17 November, 1952 in Soweto, Johannesburg, He is the second of the three children of Erdmuth and Samuel Ramaphosa, a retired policeman. He grew up in the south western Township (Soweto), attending […]

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