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10 signs you’re WORST in bed & HOW TO FIX IT

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#1: You skip fore’play

The problem: You come home after thinking about se’x all day and try to stick your p3nis in her right away. She, on the other hand, has not been thinking about s3x.

She’s been thinking about work, that squabble with her best friend, and what she’s making for dinner. She’s not warmed up, therefore she’s not going to enjoy it.

Fix it: “Fore’play, fo’replay, for’eplay—I can’t say it enough!” Morse says. You may be ready to go the second you get home, but you have to remember, s’ex is mostly mental for women.

They have to be warmed up, physically and mentally. “Most women not only enjoy for’eplay, but we need it in order to get aro’used before actual interc’ourse,” Morse says.

For’eplay can even start hours before you’re through the door. Send her a text about how much you can’t wait to see her or how beautiful she looked this morning.

Then when you get home kiss and care’ss her before you start taking her clothes off. Forepl’ay isn’t a suggestion; it’s a requirement for most women.

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