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Nigerian Men Give 5 Shocking Reasons Why They Patronize PROSTITUTES

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pros1When it comes to patronizing the ‘women of easy virtues’, most people would swear that a lot of married Nigerian men would not be guilty of such. Surprisingly, a recent survey says the opposite.

Yes, when you look around you, you would be surprised to see ‘very responsible’ Nigerian men and men who supposedly look too innocent to even steal a glance at a sex worker talk less of ‘doing it with her, find time to “hang out” with these women. Shockingly, from recent survey, a good percentage of Nigerian men (especially married ones), do patronize prostitutes.

The statistics and reasons given as to why some of these men prefer sleeping with harlots will shock you. Well, TON spoke with a good number of Nigerian men and it would be worthy to note at this point that some of these men have at one point or the other paid for sex before.

With the following 5 points, here are the real reasons why Nigerian men (and probably a good number of men from every nooks and crannies of the world) prefer to pay for se’x.

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