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REVEALED!!!! The Most Unlivable Place in Nigeria [See Photos]

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In what is supposed to be the second fastest-growing city in Africa and the seventh in the world (Lagos) lies the most unlivable place in Nigeria.

This place is no other than the Venice of Africa; Makoko. Makoko is a paradox of living as the community thrives on water, residents here lack access to safe drinking water. When it rains, conditions turn particularly nasty.

If you drive from the mainland towards the Island though 3rd mainland bridge you can see Makoko at the Ebuta Metta diversion just below the bridge and its not hard to see why Naij.com has described the settlement as unlivable.

Al Jazeera claims Makoko used to be a small fishing village built by fishermen who came from Benin to make money more than a hundred years ago, before it grew into an illegally constructed one-square-kilometer urban settlement.

Al Jazeera further explains that the population now consists mainly of migrant workers from West African countries, trying to make a living in Nigeria. The oily black water is no longer suitable for fishing; it emits a pungent smell, and a thick layer of white scum gathers around the shack stilts.

Wikipedia notes that the area is essentially self-governing with a very limited government presence in the community and local security being provided by area boys.

A correspondent was around the community and took gruesome pictures portraying Makoko as unlivable: Click CONTINUE READING to see all the pictures

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