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3 easy ways to dump a man – [Expert Revealed!!]

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Couple breaking up

I was running errands and I met a friend of mine so we stopped to greet each other before going about our business. He was with a friend of his, so after catching up as I am about to leave, I am introduced and the friend asks for my number. First impressions do matter and he had not impressed me in anyway and he looked like he had eyeliner on his lower lids. I said I was in a hurry and he can get my number from my friend; who refused promptly. I did not know it was a thing; men cannot get a woman’s number from another man; unless that was a rule my friend made up. Needless to say I gave it, could not give a fake because he flashed me there and then.

That man is not a seducer of women if anything, he falls into the friend zone more times than any regular Joe does. His texts are so bad I never reply because nothing I will ever say will make the conversation make sense. Next time I met him was the most ridiculous conversation ever. I had to put it on brakes. He tells me he wants me, so I asked,’ for what? A relationship? I do not want one.’ He says he does not want one either, so I ask, ‘what do you want then?’ He keeps quiet. I ask,’ Sex?’ I knew I would disarm him with that because he also said no. He just kept saying he wants me, he did not know for what but I just walked away and blocked the number.

As a woman you get to meet some clowns out here and some Kenyan men could run a circus crew all on their own and make a very decent living. You also learn to know how to deter some people especially ones with eyeliner on their eyes. Who will be the woman in that relationship? We cannot take the same amount of time to get ready because you also need make up.

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