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I’ve never been kissed!!! Woman born with HALF a body cries out

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woman half bodyShe has never been kissed by a man before because she was born half with body, however she is looking up to her church to find a boyfriend at least soon, she was born with Sacral Agenesis, a rare condition that caused her spine to stop growing at the bottom of her ribcage, leaving the lower part of her body compressed.

Doctors had predicted that she would never sit up or talk and would probably die before her first birthday.
“My condition means my top half is normal, even though my bottom half stopped growing,” she said.

“But I’ve never let my disability get in the way of enjoying life. I love being active and have a great group of friends.”
“The one thing missing in my life is a boyfriend. I’d like to find somebody and fall in love,” she said.

“I also think I’m judged for my disability. People assume they’ll have to look after me, they don’t realise how independent I am.”

“The one thing missing in my life is a boyfriend. I’d like to find somebody and fall in love”

“I was raised in the church so the church is very important to me. It’s a big part of my life. In a way, you kind of feel left out a little bit if you’re not married,” said Melinda.

“There has to be a guy out there for me.” Melinda grew up with her mum Carol, dad Pat and older brother Monty, now 44.

“My parents didn’t know I had sacral agenesis before I was born,” said Melinda.

“My mum always told me she knew something was wrong because the pregnancy was different from when she carried my brother – he moved around a lot more.”

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