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LADIES! Don’t EVER say these 9 things to Your Guys [Especially #8]

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2As much as your boyfriend loves nearly every word that comes out of your mouth, there are some certain words you should never say to your guy. We know that guys will appreciate or accommodate most of your words as lady and can often twist them over but some words are really heavy in their heart, they can’t afford to hear such word from your mouth no matter what kind of play of joke you may want to call it.

You may not think much about the statement you’ve made to your boyfriends, but to him, it’s like a death blow to his heart. It is necessary for you to avoid these words if you want to really enjoy the best of your guy.

What this mean is that you shouldn’t be worry for having a conversation with your boyfriend. Guys are less easily offended, unless you make him feel less like a man. If there’s anything that bothers a guy, it’s realizing that the girl he loves thinks he is not man enough.

Girls Don’t Ever Says These 9 Things to Your Guys; and what are they? Click “Continue Reading” to see them.

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