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BATTLE OF THE HIPS: Guys, See these Four “Botom Powers” in Africa [Feed Your Eyes]

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0HIP HIP HIP Hurray. After touring all the countries in Africa with our aim of profiling the four biggest UKWU’s (N.B while referring to this kind of ukwu’s (Hips) you have to use CAPITAL letters. I don’t need to tell you why) in the continent. SEE ALL THE HIPS BELOW….

I must confess to you, this research is very technical and comes with its own hazard. Along the line, we had profiled some ferocious and boisterous (No vex, I just discovered the meaning and I just have to use it even if it does not fit) UKWU only to find out they were either filled with saw dust or injected with palm oil.

Click “Continue Reading” to see them, We had to use our enhanced and updated UKWU (Hip) detector 🙂

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