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Truth about Ghana KROBO GIRLS: Are they “S’EXUAL ANIMALS”?

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krobo girl 2I did my National Service as a teacher in 2007 in Kroboland, Lower Manya Krobo – a village called Sekesua. Before I went for the service, my mother and a few other elderly men and women, advised me not to court or have s ex with a Krobolady, else….I won’t come back again.

They however, failed to explain further – though I pressed on them to do so. From my own research, I discovered the secret behind their advice.

Well, in case you don’t know or have never heard before, there is an age old allegation, rumour, grapevine, call it whatever, that, legendary character, Okomfo Anokye, who once commanded a golden stool from the sky, cursed Krobo women somewhere in the 15th Century (16s era).

The allegation has it that Okomfo Anokye was bathing in a river. He turned to one side of the river and saw a horde of Krobo women sleuthing at him. Okomfo Anokye got furious, and out of anger, cursed the women; “you shall be slaves to this thing (his p enis) you watched forever,” Okomfo Anokye is alleged to have said.

To that effect, many people have always believed that Krobo women are promiscuous; in other words, they love s ex like pigeons or simply can’t keep one s exual partner.

To establish the verity in this age old allegation, I had the privilege to speak to the District Cultural Officer of the Center for National Culture for the Manya Krobo district, Mr. Winfred Kene Apo. Reacting to the story, he said “first, it is never ever true that Okomfo Anokye once cursed Krobo women, hence, making them promiscuous.

I’ve heard this allegation since I was a kid till now that I’m an adult. When you interrogate the issue, logic makes the allegation fall flat in the face.

“First, who made that allegation? Nobody can provide the fellow’s name? Was Okomfo Anokye a son or native of Kroboland? The answer is no! Which town or village in Kroboland did this take place – Agomanya, Asesewa, Sekesua, Odumase, I mean where? The allegation can’t provide the name of the town or village! “The allegation say`s Krobo women are promiscuous. – Click “Continue Reading

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