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8 Deadly Diseases Meats Cause To Your Body […. But You NEVER Know]

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All over the world, several people are of the opinion that heavy meat consumption directly correlates with good living and show off their affluence by feeding fat on meat, especially red and processed meat.

Meat is usually prepared and consumed in different forms including suyas, barbecues, fried and so on. Research has shown that the average American consumes about 30kg of pork and beef annually.

Admittedly, meat is a good dietary source of animal protein but in excess, it puts you at risk of one or more of the following diseases

At the end of this article, you will be doing your health a lot of good by consuming less of those fatty red meats as you substitute them with nuts, whole grains, fish, fruits and vegetables. Also, white meat (poultry) is considered safer for your health.

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