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Guys: 4 Things You Do that Destroys your Sp’erm [… Especially #2]

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0No man really likes the look of their sp’erm when it’s splashed on the floor or on the bed but tell any man he has no sp’erm and he’s going to freak out. Men view sp’erm as potency and their “sure banker” to procreation and so sp’erms are very important to men. But unfortunately, many men do not know that their lifestyles affect their spe’rms daily.

There are several lifestyle factors that can negatively affect sp’erm morphology, but the good news is that, since men always recreate sp’erms always, it is possible to reverse this damages with time.

A lot of things we do everyday ruins our sp’erms as we age, but we do not really pay much attention to it. Those who have been living this lifestyle for long before giving birth, may end up sterile if they continue. And so without much ado, we bring to you, the things that you do that destroys your sp’erm everyday. ClickContinue Readingto check them out

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