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EXPOSED: 12 popular Nigerians caught doing the UNUSUAL [See Photos]

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iyiola 1It is true that so much is expected from Nigerian celebrities, politicians and other popular people. However, this article is intended to show that they are indeed humans, just like every other person on the street.

No matter how comported these famous Nigerians have proven to be, a good number of them will just not mind letting down their guards when they found themselves in public. These ‘good number’ of popular Nigerians are the ones who will take the opportunity of being outside in public to eat, to buy or to do what they will naturally not be found doing.

While some these ‘daring’ popular personalities get lucky due to the fact that they did not get caught on camera, some were absolutely not so lucky, as every bit of their ‘unexpected’ public act got caught up on the camera. Well, it does not look like they care in any way.

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