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EXPOSED!! Top 5 Richest Comedians in Nigeria & their NET WORTH

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0Comedians are meant to be funny, right? Yes, the stand-up comedians dominating Nigeria’s humour business landscape are funny quite alright on stage, but very serious in business.

With assets running into billions of Naira, they are light years apart from the past crops of old comedians who wait on people for meager rations of life.

They may look funny and un-serious, but they are cavorting to the bank and living their dreams. Ali Baba, the father of stand-up comedians in Nigeria, aptly captured in words, the profitability of comedy business when he said: “comedy is a funny business, a very big business.”

From obscurity to fortune, these comedians are the biggest in the game. They are Nigerian’s top five richest comedians. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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