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Here are 8 Indispensable Health Benefits of Kissing […..I Bet You Never Knew About]

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0A kiss a day keeps the Doctor away! The expression of love and affection play indispensable roles the lives of humans from the word go, and Kissing is one of the most popular ways of expressing love, passion, affection and tenderness.

All kinds of animals kiss, in one way or the other! The feeling that erupt from this lovely act is virtually inexplicable – in fact, it is better experienced than told. Meanwhile, a lot of people just kiss for kissing sake, they never know exactly the extent of good it does them both physically, psychologically and otherwise.

Philematologists – that is, kissing scientists have discovered that, apart from being just fun, pleasurable and erotic, kissing has got several other health benefits that haven’t crossed your mind. Get to know them, and you’ll never argue with me that kissing should be an indispensable part of daily lives.

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