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20 Funny BUT Serious Offenses Christians Commit in Church [#1 is Most Common]

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prophet-tb-joshuaI must have to start with myself in answering this question. I plead guilty and I’m sincerely asking for leniency! By the time you digest the content of this article, you’re sure to find out that you are almost guilty of all. Do not say am exaggerating, because you’ll do the judgement yourself.

Christians are such a group of unserious worshipers who are fond taking the abundant grace of our Lord Jesus Christ for granted. If you want to find out if what I’m saying is true or false, visit a big new generation standard church in the heart of any city.

Take a vantage position and observe the members as a Sunday service is in full swing. I bet you’ll come back with exactly what you’re about to read now.

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