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Tall List of Men Ghanaian Socialite “Confidence Haugen” Has Dated [See PHOTOS + DETAILS]

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0Confidence Haugen (even though that is not her real name) is a socialite and what does socialites do? They are very famous and connected to people who can make you famous. They are seen constantly and almost everywhere but the big question is, what are they famous for? That is what we really don’t know.

She owns one of the popular night clubs in Accra with a branch in Kumasi. The Accra branch of her club was once the hottest club in Accra until it was taken over by prostitutes. She’s indeed a role model and inspire lots of young women. I admire her for her business-minded and entrepreneurial skills.

Being a socialite means getting down with lots of famous men, that makes you even more famous being it as they have no talents to back their fame. Anyway these are some men that are rumored that Confidence Haugen got down with during her claim to fame. Most of these guys are rumors, some are also true. Just believe what you believe and believe not what you don’t. As usual this is what we heard on the streets.

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