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Meet the 10 Greatest Black Women Athletes of All Time

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0It’s inevitable that when a little brown girl tries out for a sport, there will be skepticism. Not necessarily for pursuing athletics—we have long been accepting of women’s sports and teams. The skepticism is usually born from a belief that sports can be no more than a hobby for her.

That even if she does pursue it professionally, she will never be as successful—in finances or fame—as her male counterparts. Add to these obstacles the ever present white supremacist thinking that drives mainstream perceptions of what makes a great tennis player, gymnast, or basketball player, and our girls have, as my Nanny used to say, a hard way to go.

In fact, if the statistics regarding how many young boys chasing their dreams of being the next LeBron James or Russell Wilson actually grow up to be multi-million-dollar ballers are low, they are dismal for young girls. Yet, when that same little girl presses pass the haters and naysayers, disregarding the stats, she doesn’t just win games, she dominates! It’s time to celebrate our Black women athletes, the ones of days past who kicked down closed doors and shattered glass ceilings, as well as the present stars who are strutting down those already fiercely blazed trails.

Here is our list of the Top Ten Black Women Athletes of All Time. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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