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WOW!! See 6 Animals that Bullets Bounced off & Hit Humans Instead

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1#1:. Bullet-Bouncing Armadillos

When a person aims a gun at an animal and fires, the normal result is that the animal ends up dead. Except in weird news, where the exact opposite occurs. In the world of weird news, the bullet ricochets off the animal and hits a person — either the shooter or an innocent bystander. This happens often enough to be a recurring theme.

The most recent example of this phenomenon comes from Cass County, Texas, where early in the morning of July 30, 2015 a man saw an armadillo enter his yard.

Not wanting it there (Texans regard armadillos as pests), he grabbed his gun and fired a shot. The bullet ricocheted off the creature’s scaly armor and bounced right back at the shooter, grazing him on the jaw. The injury was serious enough that he needed medical care at a hospital.

At least, this is the story that most media outlets reported. But when the Huffington Post talked with Chief Deputy Roy Barker of the Cass County Sheriff’s Department, he told them that the bullet actually ricocheted off a rock. So the real event doesn’t seem to be quite as weird as the version that went viral.

Nevertheless, there has been a verified earlier case of a bullet-bouncing armadillo. In April 2015, Larry McElroy of Lee County, Georgia fired a 9 mm pistol at an armadillo in his yard. The bullet took a circuitous route before arriving at its final, unexpected destination. It hit the armadillo (killing it), then bounced off the creature’s armor, struck a fence, went through the back door of his mother-in-law’s mobile home, passed through a recliner, and struck the back of McElroy’s mother-in-law, who was sitting in the recliner.

She suffered only minor injuries, but in the words of Bill Smith, an investigator with the sheriff’s office, “The whole situation was unusual.”

Continue on with the rest of this slideshow to read about some other animals that have deflected bullets back at humans.

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