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EXPOSED!! 11 Top Popular Actors you didn’t know were ‘Gay in Real Life ‘

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I analyze things. I analyze what I watch, what I listen to, and what I feel, and then I try to answer the questions that arise in my head. During the last year or so I have noticed that there is a lot of homosexuality displayed in most movies, television shows, and in the music industry. Now, obviously homosexuals are not new, people have been gay since the beginning of time. So homosexuality does not surprise me, but the current over saturation of it does.

Have you noticed every comedy in the movie theaters with a PG-13 rating or above has at least one ‘gay scene?’ Some of these scenes are really graphic and I see a lot of young kids well below the age of 13 watching these movies with their families. Do these parents know about the scene before hand? Have you ever watched an original series on cable? Don’t even get me started on the premium channels (You might as well be watching porn). Have you seen some of these new music videos? I think you get the point.

At the end of the day I understand that homosexuality has to be portrayed in all forms of media that I described above, it is a part of our society, it always has been. I am just wondering why is it thrown into everything now, even when it makes no sense. It’s like every comedy MUST have a gay scene, as if there is no other way to shock us anymore. I think that may be it! Maybe all of these forms of media are using the popularity of homosexuality to increase there revenue just the way everyone was trying to find some way to make money of of Charlie Sheen when he was hot.

If I am correct and this is all due to our societies accelerated ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), then what will they do when ‘gay’ is no longer shocking? I leave this discussion open to you

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