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How we nabbed over 180 corrupt Judges and Judicial Staff – Anas Aremeyaw

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… Scandal Of Our Time Judiciary Neck-Deep in Corruption
… over 180 Judges And Judicial Staff Involved Anas Aremeyaw Anas Reports,
Supreme Court, Accra-Ghana
A festering sore, raw to the core, inciting drums of war
They pose majestically with proud dimples
Leading others to swear by their Qurans and Bibles
To uphold the truth and moral principles
But soon do they themselves lose all scruples
And to the law and scriptures become false disciples
Shamelessly defying common decency
They trade their nobility for miserable currency
Strip the judiciary of its sanctity and potency
Also its ability to firmly anchor our democracy
Thus plunging the nation into needless emergency
Before the eyes of God, this is no fallacy
Neither an idle prophecy
Nor a case of journalistic fantasy
Facts they are, documented in strict accuracy
Narrated in the coming series with honest poignancy
Without any hint of tongue-in-cheek diplomacy

The above is not just for academic appreciation, nor for the purpose of sheer literary recreation. Far beyond this; it is a critical indictment on some of our highly esteemed judges who indulge in degrading acts of corruption, thereby not only shamelessly trading their respectability for ephemeral gain, but also endangering the security, the rights and the lives of the very people they are supposed to protect.

It chronicles the hard facts of judges violating their sacred oaths, shattering the solemn trust and confidence of a whole nation by allowing themselves to sink knee-deep into the quagmire of corruption.

The New Crusading GUIDE, together with the Tiger Eye investigative team, has uncovered massive corruption in this critical arm of Government. The least is that, staff of the Judicial Service have been found to be charging bloated sums for services against the approved charges, while clerks and registrars negotiate bribes for themselves and on behalf of their bosses.

While these may seem commonplace, the more alarming situation is that we have concrete evidence that judges themselves have been grabbing monies in their chambers and giving false rulings. The very nadir of our noble judges’ nosedive into dishonor is the fact that they actually chase investigators for lucre and even livestock, while revealing top judicial secrets too sensitive to recount here, all for a mess of pottage.

In the coming days, over 170 judges and staff of the judicial service would be unmasked for various acts of corruption that they have been engaged in.

This particular investigation lasted over a year and half, as the team combed through the length and breadth of Ghana. The nationwide operation covered comprehensively, the northern sector (Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions) the middle sector (Brong Ahafo, Ashanti, Eastern and Volta Regions) and the southern sector (Western, Central and Greater Accra Regions)

In short, the investigations straddled the whole country in stages, and the facts are really jolting.

From judges’ drivers, ushers, interpreters, bailiffs, through CID officials, prosecutors, investigators to clerks and registrars, almost everybody was unabashedly eager to take bribes to facilitate dubious meetings with judges and magistrates.

These different categories of people were all caught on hidden cameras, and recorded on audio- tapes, taking varying sums of money and gifts from desperate clients.

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