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How we nabbed over 180 corrupt Judges and Judicial Staff – Anas Aremeyaw

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Tiger: If you can help me see her (Justice Audrey Kokuvi-Tay)

Alhaji: You want to see her, do you have money?

Tiger: Sure!

Alhaji: What I will tell you is that, you will bring some money, it is late today so I will give a correct time tomorrow for you to come. I will lead you to the other end (that’s at the supreme court premise). What is the nature of the case?

Tiger: It’s an assault case, he had an issue with a certain lady, my grandma didn’t brief me well so when I heard it, I had to rush to Accra. Please give me your number.

Alhaji: 02441382 ….

Tiger: Your name?

Alhaji: Alhaji Osman,

Tiger: Alhaji Osman?

Alhaji: Yeah, we do it for lots of people.

Tiger: I thought she would be very difficult dealing with.

Alhaji: Oh we call her half-cast- Chinese, we were all here together; you understand?

Tiger: Yes haha, iron sharpens iron.

Alhaji: So you bring what (money) you have now, by God’s grace we can go tomorrow. Call me so that I can have your number.

Tiger: Alhaji, you have to take this for now, since we have not met her yet.

Alhaji: Is that your number?

***Tiger: Yes! (

Alhaji: Ah what’s this? I thought you were to give me about 1 (that’s 100 cedis)

Tiger: Take this for now.

Alhaji: You add something to it; I will use this for transport and spend this. I will pick a car so you come at round 11 to 12 noon thereabout. You have to keep mute on this case oh!

Tiger: Yea

Alhaji: It’s an underground work we are going to do so that no problem should come up, I have already warned you.

Tiger: Ok, so I will call you.

Alhaji: What’s your name again?

Tiger: Abdul…

Alhaji: Abdul what?

Tiger: Abdul Razak

Alhaji: Which area do you stay?

Tiger: Pig farm.

Alhaji: So which police station is the case at now?

Tiger: I just got back; I have to ask him for the details.

Alhaji: So give me a call.

Tiger: Looks like he (the accused) has been granted bail, I just want him to be acquitted and discharged

Alhaji: Don’t worry, just call me, I have been here for five years, so no fears, and you just have to keep quiet on this case.

Tiger: Ok

We found the same phenomenon in the Ashanti Region.


The focus of our investigation was on the bad nuts within the judicial service. Ghana is lauded as having one of the best judicial systems in Africa. This is so because over the years, our judges and magistrates have worked tirelessly to ensure that justice is a reality, not a mirage. Yet, there are a few of their colleagues who have other ideas; their oath is not to protect the constitution and ensure justice independently without fear, bias or favour. Nay; their oath is to benefit from their godly office personally by ensuring the least amount of justice is done and to ultimately soil the hard work and reputation of the judiciary which others have sacrificed their lives for.



one knows that it is an essential and sensitive position. Judges and magistrates are essential to Ghana. When all else fail, they are the last hope for justice. Their position is sensitive, because without them, a nation or community easily descends into anarchy and brutishness.

It is for these reasons that every citizen must ensure that the judiciary remains sacrosanct and its sanctity is preserved no matter the cost. Ghanaian judges and Magistrates command high respect in the country and in the world. If it must remain so, then we must at all times remain vigilant and stamp out the morally crass and integrity-bankrupt ones from among the many who are of high moral character and proven integrity.

My Name Is Anas Aremeyaw Anas. I Am An Investigative Journalist. Today, My Focus Is On The Judicial Service In Ghana.

My Aim Is To Have The Bad Ones Out. When The Bad Ones Are Weeded Out, The Good And Fruitful Can Work In Peace For Mother Ghana. Ghana At All Times Deserves The Best In The Most Sacrosanct And Sensitive Arm Of Government.

The First Culprit Is Ajet Nassam J.

God Save Our Homeland Ghana

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