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How High Court judge “Charles Quist” set a man free for GH₵4000 – Anas Aremeyaw Reveals

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judge exposedA bullet-by-bullet account about how a High Court judge Justic Charles Quist set free a man accused of armed robbery after receiving a bribe of 4,000 cedis.

Charles Quist-Labor Court, Accra High Court

Case: Republic vs. Kwesi Nkrumah Koomson

Connection Man: Gyata


Kwesi Nkrumah is a carpenter. He and his two other accomplices namely- Napoleon Gomez and Joseph Azure, armed with pistols and pump action guns, attacked the Unity Oil Petrol Station at Taifa in the middle of the night at around 2am. During the attack, they beat up six female fuel attendants and the security man on duty at gunpoint.

As their booty, they made away with the company’s steel safe containing over GHc 11,000.00 together with mobile phones, wristwatches and personal effects of the attendants. The robbery took place in a Rambo fashion, traumatizing the female attendants and the security man especially, who was beaten almost to pulp.

The Men Behind The Bribery Deal

The story of his Lordship Charles Quist and right hand man Gyata was as fascinating and intriguing as it was disturbing. In this case, the trial was almost ending and the date for judgment had been set. The accused would certainly be jailed.

Two defining moments underline the months that we had dealings with Gyata and his boss. Both men were so ‘conscientious’ that they did not want to soil the sanctity of the courts, so no deals, whether verbal or monetary, could be struck at the court premises. They were like priests who could murder but never do so on the holy premises of the Lord’s own church itself.

Their homes as well were accorded the same discreet sanctity. So while Gyata preferred to negotiate over a bottle of alcohol either in a bar or close to the beach, for Judge Quist; his car was the perfect place to take monies, in envelopes or otherwise. This cautious, sanctimonious stance was markedly different from the eager-grabbing, reckless attitude of other Judges and their intermediaries whom we had our transactions with.

As stated already, apparently, the smart Judge had deemed his car a more secured sanctuary for this type of deal. Yet, it was in this ‘sanctuary’ of his that we captured the salient points of our mission, for instance, how he is on record to have said, “I have all the power, I will let him off”. There also did Gyata say “everything has to be done kpakpakpa’. Indeed, as it turned out, Judge Quist had the power to do and undo and did prove true to his word.

Prior to the encounter described above, Tiger’s investigator had posed as a cousin to the accused who had been on trial for months on charges of robbery.

Strategic Meeting With Court Clerk Gyata (Hidden Camera Footage)

His rather stout stature and age even on seeing him, cuts a very matured figure of Gyata, our connection man as we sought to get close to the trial judge on the Kweku Nkrumah robbery case. The proven professional that he was, he had a caveat – all meetings would be away from the court premises. We agreed. Had we any choice anyway?

Gyata turned out to be the desperate, always burdened family man who would hanker after money from any source to feed his family even if it meant soiling his hands. He was in a hurry to go straight into action. Gyata doesn’t play with money collection deadlines and has great respect for Judge Quist. These were two traits that easily expressed themselves in his utterances and actions.

Our initial meetings make interesting reading:

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