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How High Court judge “Charles Quist” set a man free for GH₵4000 – Anas Aremeyaw Reveals

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Tiger: So concerning my partner, I want to know how best you can…..

Gyata: What is he doing, is it an appeal?

Tiger: I don’t know but it seems that he committed the offence and the case is in progress, maybe if you can talk to someone, then we will know what we can do about it.

Gyata: Robbery actually in this country is a very serious offence, it’s a first degree……and when somebody commits that offence and maybe you even leave him, the whole country would be watching you.

So normally when they commit such an offence and we go on to help them, the only help is to consider certain things so that they give them a minimum sentence and the minimum sentence is just to help them, you know with robbery the maximum sentence is life imprisonment.

Tiger: What about killing?

Gyata: The same, killing attracts death penalty or life imprisonment so it is with robbery. Robbery, even that one is more dangerous because this is the point you want to kill somebody and at the same time you took his things away.

So normally, it’s a life imprisonment and then 50, 45 years and so on. But if the court considers as a way of maybe helping, then 15 years, 10 years minimum, it takes effect from the day of arrest whereby maybe you spent like……. The gravity of the offences is what you take into consideration….. So what is the name?

Tiger: Kweku Nkrumah and I am Kwame Nkrumah, his cousin.

Gyata: So they are involved in that George Ayettey thing?

Tiger: No, I learnt it’s against the republic or so.

Gyata: Yes, they are many and the leader is that George Ayettey; already he’s serving about 80 years in two different cases before this one.

Tiger: When he goes, then he breaks out or what?

Gyata: No, he’s already serving those ones in addition to this current one.

Tiger: So how did he come out again to commit this one?

Gyata: It means that when he was arrested in connection with one, the other one popped up.

Tiger: Okay, I understand; I thought when they sentenced him, he came back and…..

Gyata: No, so as he’s there, he has not even spent a quarter of the sentence that he’s serving currently before this one too is pending.

Tiger: So as I’ve seen you, maybe if there’s anything, that’s the reason why I came, so if you can go and see your man, I would be very happy.

Gyata: You see, at times when you help human beings, they go to sing halleluyah somewhere, and it’s like they’ve even forgotten you.

Tiger: No, it’s you I’ve seen and you will lead me to where I have to go so don’t say that at all, I don’t want to hear that, yes I understand you, I can’t leave you and go and see him directly, no it’s through you that I can see him, so it all depends on you.

Gyata: What I will do is that, Monday I will discuss with him
Tiger: Any amount involved, I’m ready to…..

Gyata: But as I’m giving you the implications, he will not be left like that; at least he will get a minimum sentence taking effect from the day of arrest or whatever. But why is it that these our brothers and sisters they involve themselves in things like that?

Tiger: As I’m here, I have so many things doing there, but I don’t know, if you tell them to do something, they think you’re punishing them or something. I don’t know why they do that. As it is now, the friends (you were with) …… no one will come close to you.

Gyata: They will not get close to you.

Tiger: Even when you come out, they won’t get close to you.

Gyata: So I will go to the man on Monday because that case is pending judgment, judgment is about to be delivered on that case.

Tiger: Please do your best for me, I’m begging you.

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