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How High Court judge “Charles Quist” set a man free for GH₵4000 – Anas Aremeyaw Reveals

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Gyata: Okay, I will see what to do. I will talk to my man about it but call me on Monday morning and remind me, call me around 8 o’clock and remind me, so that I’ll see. (We did cut a deal to pay a GHc 10,000.00 bribe.)

Clerk Gyata’s String Pulling With Justice Quist Over Bribe (Hidden Camera Footage)

A few days later, having raised GHc 5, 000.00, we decided to schedule a meeting with Gyata to formally present the first tranche of the money to the judge. His eager response was an indicator of the possible success of our mission.

We met Gyata at a spot away from the court where we handed him the GHc 5,000.00 part payment meant for the Judge. The intention was to settle Gyata’s later but on receiving the envelope, he made it clear to us that he would take a cut of GHc 1,000.00 out of the amount. There, he took the GHc 1,000.00 of the amount meant for the Judge.

Not long after, as planned, Justice Quist’s car approached. On seeing his master arriving, Gyata quickly slipped his GHc 1,000.00 into his pocket, saying ‘ The man is almost here. Let me pocket mine so when he comes we’ll go to him in the car, then see him, (and) talk to him because I don’t know what he will be doing.’

Tiger: I understand, I understand.

Gyata: So what’ll you do if (let’s say) he hands over or whatever, will you take him out?

Tiger: Ah he? Oh he has to be out of Accra or something but…

Gyata: Because, the way these cases are rampant these days; armed robbery cases, it’s becoming too much. It means yourself sitting here, if they (armed robbers) get you, they will rob you too.

Tiger: Yeah, I understand. Is it computer?

Gyata: mmmm. Yeah there are some issues; we can talk about it before he (the judge) comes.

Tiger: Yeah cool, concerning the money, concerning the money.

Gyata: What’ve you gotten?

Tiger: When I was coming, I shipped some cars but I told someone to transfer some money for me, but still the money is not in but now the cars are in and as I’m here (so) I have to clear the cars before …, so as I am here, it’s GHc 10,000 I have on me and I don’t know,

Gyata: Hmmm. Okay if ……….fully ready

Tiger: I’ve thought about this thing very well, me I wanted to make a commitment that yes I’m in …
Gyata: Yes that’s what I mean.

Tiger: So I wanted to settle him first, even though I have to see you, but as you said he has to do everything but it’s through you that I’ll meet him.

Gyata: Yes

Tiger: So if maybe, (I don’t know) I’ll make the commitment of GHc 5,000 and from here I will go to the port and clear, if it’s the car that I have to sell cheap, I’ll sort everything out before I leave, then I’ll do that.

I know it’s some way but yesterday, you see that I couldn’t call you early, I was chasing money, chasing money but you see people want to know what you’re going to use the money for and me too I can’t tell you what I’m going to use the money for; I told them that I have something that I’ve to deal with, but as it is now (me) I am in already, anything that I have to do to take him out, that’s what I want to do.

I don’t know if I have to do the commitment and give him the 5,000 cedis then. Today is Tuesday, yes from here, I’ll go to Tema straight and (go and) clear and put ‘for sale’ on it. If it’s quick, then I remove my hand from it, then later I’ll come and see both of you again.

Gyata: Okay.

Tiger: I hope he’ll…

Gyata: Yeah but when he comes I’ll go with you to talk (some) for you.

Tiger: Yes

Gyata: But just as you’re going to do some commitment to him, on my part too you have to do some commitment; you have to do some commitment on my part.

Tiger: Then unless I give him four and give you one because I don’t want to, the GHc 5,000 that I have I don’t want to get there and they’ll tell me the money is not enough because it’s a BMW and we know how BMW and the duties and stuff.

Gyata: Ok you let’s settle it when he comes. You give me two (GHc 2,000.00) then you give him three (GHc 3,000.00), you know I’m going to do the talking and I’ll know how I’ll convince him. Tell him that you just met me with our money matter … but as you have come now, you have some cars to clear from the port but you want to do a commitment of 3,000 cedis to him, whether everything is over or not you’re promising that you’ll get back and get him his additional 7,000 cedis; you get what I mean? He’ll understand. He’s not a difficult person.

Tiger: (Me too) I understand you too but that means (it is between) the pair of you when the money gets to him, he’s not going to see you at all?

Gyata: No, oh no, how possible is that?

Tiger: You brought the customer?

Gyata: No, these people we’ve been working with them for a long time and we know how they are. When something gets into their hands (that is it,) that is it! They would not, assuming I’m going to benefit from whatever they had I wouldn’t have told you of the need to do whatever for me, no they’ll not. Me, the only thing I like about him in particular is that when I tell him something, he respects me and does whatever he’s supposed to do, that’s the one thing about him.

Tiger: Is he far from here?

Gyata: He says he’s stuck in traffic round but he’ll soon be here.

Tiger: I’m even getting thirsty. Because I’ve not slept …., I’ve not slept at all because it keeps me thinking, I’ve not slept.

Gyata: Don’t worry, don’t worry. You as I said ehhh, do as I said when he comes. We’ll get to him, myself I’ll do a lot of talking, then you’ll ask him that you want the half, if you can leave him entirely for now ehh maybe this is what you’re going to do; as a way of commitment, you brought this and then you’re rushing to the port to clear your cars. You follow what I mean?

And you’ll try to ensure that you get rid of those things as early as possible to come and top this for him straight.

And I’ll also add my voice to it; the thing is you should understand that this whole thing, this kind of thing, it’s some of us who do the actual work. Imagine convincing the person to do something…..

Tiger: Let me give you your share of the money.

Gyata: Okay. You should have arranged this thing well.

Tiger: You were not agreeing with me. (51:00 seconds Tiger gives Gyata his part of the money). You can count it if you want.

Gyata: These are the 10s?

Tiger: Yes. You can count it if you want.

Gyata: Okay. (He begins to count it but puts it in his pocket)

Now sure that the money had arrived and he had collected his part, Gyata placed a call to Charles Quist to alert him that the booty had arrived and that we were waiting for him to come and collect.

Cash Exchanges At The Back Of Justice Quist’s Official Saloon Car (Hidden Camera Footage)

Just after speaking on phone, a black Toyota Avensis with Registration number GT 6143-11 arrives and parks at the corner of Afia Hotel near the Independence Square. Justice Quist was seated in it. Gyata rushed to the car and took the front passenger seat while I was asked to sit at the back. Justice Quist was driving himself.

Tiger sat at the back seat, while Gyata introduced us. The man appeared to be of few words; he gave straightforward answers and asked pinpoint questions. He has a style for taking bribe! Read the following:

Gyata: Good morning sir.

Judge Quist: Good morning.

Gyata: My Lord, as I pleaded with you yesterday, this is the guy, he’s the brother to the second accused person, he has just come down from the USA ….

Tiger: UK

Gyata: UK, and that his brother’s issue is a headache to him and he wants to see my Lord, plead with my Lord and see what my Lord can do for him and whatever he needs to do, he’ll also try and do, so I told him that if only he can meet my Lord so that’s why he’s here this morning.

Judge Quist: Okay

Gyata: To do some commitment.

Tiger: I didn’t mean to let this thing happen but it has happened. Some people, when you talk to them, they don’t want to listen. They think the world is like this high, high, but it has happened already but as it is now, only that I’m just pleading with my Lord if there’s something that you can do for him to come, I’ll be very happy.

As at now, getting money is very hard but as my uncle (Gyaata) said, I’ll try the best to do what I have to do for him but when he comes and he wants to do it again, that’s him, that one I’ll not be in town again to go up and down and stuff. So I’m pleading on his behalf.

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