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How Justice Ajet Nassam collected GH₵16,000 bribe – Anas Aremeyaw Reveals

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ajet nassamFace to face with King Gabriel: A doyen of the Court (Hidden camera footage)

Tiger: Boss, it doesn’t matter; let’s forget about that issue; let’s forget about that guy. What I want is just for you to talk to my Lord even if we have to see him. He should try and listen to us too and see how best my Lord can help us.

King Gabriel: Okay.

Tiger: And I hope maybe you can do something …

King Gabriel: If it had not been that you want to (kind of) do things your own way, and not want him (Bernard Sallah – the suspect) to know, I would’ve asked you to ask him when he comes to court, how he sees the relationship between the judge and me. He would tell you how I relate with the judge. The judge is my father.

Tiger: No problem, so then as a father and son, if you talk to him, I know he would listen, so I’m begging you.

King Gabriel: As things stand now, I don’t know what the judge would say, but he’s my father so I would try and see whether I can talk to him and see whether he would understand me or not. I can’t promise you now. So when I go and things go right and there’s the need to push in something, how much do you think that you can push?

Tiger: No, I don’t want to mention anything, I can’t mention.

King Gabriel: The issue is that (ehhh) right now, you see, these people (judges) are big men and if you want to go to them and ask anything right now, if I go to him and ask him, he’ll ask me and I don’t know but he may ask me “what do you think he can do?”

Tiger: He’s your father so how much?

King Gabriel: I wouldn’t know.

Tiger: You just say it.

King Gabriel: No

Tiger: But you can’t go and give him GHc 500 or 50 cedis, you’re his son; you know what the father likes and what the father doesn’t like, so that me too I would start preparing from tomorrow going.

King Gabriel: You said your name is Kwame ehhh?

Tiger: Kwame yeah.

King Gabriel: Okay, you let me find out, let me see whether I can win him to our side. Let me see whether I can win his heart when I get there, because I’m not the one who’s going to write the judgment; so if I’m able to talk to him and things go right, then fine; but if he doesn’t agree, there’s nothing I can do.

King Gabriel’s cash bid (Hidden camera footage)

Two weeks later, King Gabriel’s ostensible hard work at his grounds work paid off. After several interactions via phone, he notified Tiger that the judge, the highly respected Ajet Nassam J was demanding GH¢ 15,000 and he advised us to be prompt if we really wanted him to free Bernard Sallah. (listen to attached audio)

After several rounds of brisk negotiations, King Gabriel and Tiger settled on GH¢ 13,000 cedis for the judge. And for his consultancy and deal – brokering efforts, King Gabriel charged GH¢ 2,000.

It is worth noting that, Bernard Sallah (the accused) was yet to mount the witness box. He had failed to appear in court on a particular scheduled date and the prosecution had obtained a bench warrant from the court for his arrest. These were made known during another meeting with King Gabriel and were also captured in the records of proceedings.

King Gabriel’s Bid Report, Hard Facts (Hidden camera footage)

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