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How Justice Ajet Nassam collected GH₵16,000 bribe – Anas Aremeyaw Reveals

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ajet nassamKing Gabriel: So that is it, as for the old boy (referring to Ajet Nassam J), he was even expecting me long ago. The only thing is; because you are my brother, I know you cannot create problems for us.

Tiger: Yeah

King Gabriel: So I know there would not be any problem. At times some people can come and just try to put you into trouble, before you know. You can see that I’m not even rushing.

Tiger: Mmm yeah, I’ve realized that

King Gabriel: It’s not about money but how to help the person. Now the issue is a very serious one and even if there’s a punishment, then he can reduce it (mitigation of sentence), that is all we are looking for.

Tiger: That is it

King Gabriel: So I told him, he said the issue in hand is a very tangible one so he mentioned GH¢ 20,000.00. I had to plead with him before he came down to GHc15,000.00. The Gh¢ 13,000 that I am talking about I have not discussed that with him but once the money is ready…

Tiger: We just don’t want to take chances on this particular issue, we want to be double sure that everything will reach the top man; but you assured me you are going to take the money to the big man and I trust you on that …

King Gabriel went on about how nice he was towards the accused and continually reechoed how good a rapport he had with the accused persons whenever they appeared in court. He revealed also how he had in times past managed to get excuse duty for the accused when he failed to appear in court during hearings.

Dog bites dog: King Gabriel outsmarts Ajet (Hidden camera footage)

Now, it was time to go and meet the big man in his office but before that, we had to seek the counsel of King Gabriel on how to split the GH¢ 14000 that we had been able to raise. This was where King Gabriel showed his true colours.

King Gabriel: So I wanted to be sure everything is intact, then when we go to him, we close it down.

Tiger: Okay!

King Gabriel: He has been giving me pressure ever since I told him you were ready with the money, so he called me; let me show it to you, (King Gabriel brings out his phone to show Tiger what he’s telling him). If I don’t show you this thing, you’ll think that what I’m saying is a mere joke. So how much do you have now?

Tiger: It is GH¢ 14,000.00

King Gabriel: So how much are you going to give him now?

Tiger: So what is your suggestion?

King Gabriel: Okay, the point is that, you know what I want you to do?

Tiger: No!

King Gabriel: I’ll make sure the job is done, but what I want us to do now is, we’ll take the GH¢ 6,000.00 and I’ll give you GH¢ 500.00. You are a man so that you can also enjoy the fruit of whatever you’re doing.

Tiger: Okay

King Gabriel: I’ll give him GH¢ 8,000.00 and then, that makes it GH¢ 14,000.00, so I’ll take the rest but I’ll tell him that it is GH¢ 10,000.00 you brought, but your brother is the one trying to help this guy, so when we were negotiating I mentioned GH¢ 10,000.00 and you said you can’t get GH¢ 10,000,00 but you’ll have to put in pressure so that the one doing the work can also get something.

King Gabriel: Everything is now in my hands, I’m going to push everything, even the docket and everything are with me. You know he’s on transfer from the other block to this side; I’m going to do everything and bring it here. There are little, little connections I have to do..; you understand, I must make sure the case comes before him, you understand; some people must get something small, small.

Tiger: Okay

King Gabriel: So remove the GH¢ 8,000.00, we’ll give him the GH¢ 8,000.00. If you like, you take the GH¢ 10,000.00 out and give me GH¢ 2,000.00 Check figures on tape.

Tiger: Okay

King Gabriel: And then we’ll give him the GH¢ 8,000.00. I will make sure everything works well; don’t worry what I’m telling you is the fact.

Tiger: Which means that I’ll not go with you to see him?

King Gabriel: Oh we’ll go, I’ll let you be in the court room, and I’ll go inside and tell him and then if he asks of you, I’ll bring you in. No problem, I can send you in, you really want to see him, isn’t it?

Tiger: Yeah

King Gabriel: Okay, I’ll tell him so that when we go, you can talk.

Tiger: Okay!

King Gabriel: But I’ll go inside and tell him that I came with you; have you understood me? I’ll make sure you see him, if you don’t see him, call the thing off, you understand what I’m talking about?

Tiger: Yes!

King Gabriel: I’m going with you to the court room; I’ll leave you in the court because he may want to ask me one or two things so I’ll leave you in the court room and go inside (Tiger cuts in)

Tiger: Me what I was thinking is; if you can go and tell him whatever that you’re saying now that GH¢ 8,000.00 is coming to him and then maybe you’ll return to take me and then we go.

Gabriel then went in to talk with Ajet Nassam and after that beckoned Tiger to come into his (Ajet) office. Note that Gabriel had already taken GHc 6,000.00 from Ajet’s money and had also given Tiger GHc 500.00 as promised earlier.

Inside Ajet’s ‘Forex Bureau’ Office (Hidden camera footage)

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