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How Justice Ajet Nassam collected GH₵16,000 bribe – Anas Aremeyaw Reveals

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ajet nassamAfter agreeing on the modalities of payment to Ajet Nassam, it was time to go into his chambers (office in the Accra High Court) and present the money to him in person, as had been arranged by King Gabriel.

The ‘Lord’ was seated majestically in his office when we walked in. King Gabriel introduced Tiger to him as Bernard Sallah’s relative, following which we had a brief exchange of greetings. King Gabriel gave a brief about the case in question after which Ajet expressed worry about the manner in which people record private conversations and make them public.

Both men were clearly being cautious about meeting people but perhaps the money was too good to refuse. Finally, the big man pointedly demanded how much we had brought to him.

Ajet: Which one of them is Bernard Sallah?

King Gabriel: Bernard Sallah, it seems he’s the fourth accused person, he is the one that before we went on vacation …

Ajet: The one complaining of being sick?

King Gabriel: The wife came to complain that he’s feeling sick, there’s a bench warrant on him.

Ajet: As I was saying, some people would be talking talking..!

Tiger: Mmm, oh my lord, my brother here has already cautioned me a lot on that (talking) and I assured him that as for me …

Ajet: Somebody will be talking to you and then they would be recording you any moment.

Tiger: Oh, no, no!

King Gabriel: My Lord, that is one caution I gave him.

Tiger: He really cautioned me and I told him as for us, we are genuinely here to beg for our brother, so we can’t do that.

King Gabriel: My Lord, actually I have assessed him and I really believe that he’s a brother.

Tiger: Mmm!

Ajet: Okay, but what needs to be done is, we all need to meet when the time comes. And the thing is that you go home and talk to him. When the time comes, we would sit down and then we see what we can do. Okay?

Tiger: Okay, my Lord

King Gabriel: I cautioned him a lot. In fact he has been calling me so many occasions and then during this vacation…

Ajet: What he can do is that from the 1st -7th, by the 7th of October.

King Gabriel: My Lord we resume on the 6th. 7th is a Tuesday.

Ajet: Yes, bring him on the 7th.

Tiger: Okay!

Ajet: Bring him here

Tiger: Okay!

Ajet: And then I would make the entry for him.

King Gabriel: Ahha before the real date.

Ajet: Yes! So maybe by 10 o’clock you bring him here.

Tiger: Okay, my lord!

King Gabriel: So you pass my place and I’ll bring the record book, the same record book.

Ajet: We can even use our record here.

Tiger: Okay my lord!

Ajet: But since he said ten (GH¢ 10.000.00) it should be ten!

Tiger: Yes, my Lord, we would really do that. Even if I go I would talk to my uncle and maybe he would call the wife to get me the rest of the GH¢ 2000.00.

Ajet: Yooo

Tiger: Okay, thank you very much, my Lord, for the kind gesture!

Ajet: Let him excuse us, King Gabriel, I want to give you something!

King Gabriel: Okay! You be at the entrance!

Tiger: Alright, thank you!

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