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How Justice Ajet Nassam collected GH₵16,000 bribe – Anas Aremeyaw Reveals

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ajet nassam2After the first meeting during which Tiger paid GHc 8000 directly to Ajet, the respected judge kept calling and calling to demand the balance of GH¢ 2000. At last, Tiger arranged another meeting with King Gabriel to go and settle the balance.

Generous as he was, and perhaps, badly in need of the balance, Ajet decided to meet us half way to collect the money. While we headed towards his residence, he asked King Gabriel and Tiger to meet him at Zongo Junction.

To test how lower he could stoop, we decided to give him GHc 1,000. Read the drama that unfolded.

Ajet: Ahha what is it?

Tiger: In fact, my uncle spoke to my auntie and then she raised something for you my Lord.

Ajet: (realizing it was half the expected sum) Ahh why are you bringing it in bit by bit?

Tiger: It’s from the lady, you know ladies’ issues.

King Gabriel: The uncle is not having some.

Ajet: Okay! Well I believe that there would not be any…

Tiger: Mmm

Ajet: This big bag and you are carrying… (in jest to Tiger’s bag) hahaha….!

Tiger: Because I just have to..!

King Gabriel: Should I take it and accompany you with it?

To our shock, the honorable judge stepped out of his car with avid recklessness just to grab the money himself. This greed and lack of discretion embarrassed even Gabriel who asked him to restrain himself and let him rather go for it.

Ajet: Yes, why not!

(King Gabriel receive bribe money from tiger for Ajet)

King Gabriel: Is that all?

Tiger: Yeah, the GH¢ 1000!

King Gabriel: This one is GH¢ 1000?

Tiger: Mmm (Yes)

King Gabriel: Ahh! I’m coming.

Tiger: Okay! Thank you my lord.

After delivering the money to Ajet in his car

King Gabriel: Let’s go!

Tiger: Okay!

King Gabriel: This man paa hahahah, the money doesn’t reach them ooh!

Tiger: Yeah, yeah, it’s like that.

King Gabriel: I was not even expecting him in this car ooh!

Tiger: Mmm!

King Gabriel: Because this one is the official car (Tiger cuts in)

Tiger: I see!

King Gabriel: And then normally; now that we are even on vacation he doesn’t use it much like he has been using his own car.

Tiger: So this place where does it lead to?

Another Meeting In Ajet’s House

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