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How Justice Ajet Nassam collected GH₵16,000 bribe – Anas Aremeyaw Reveals

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ajet nassam2With a big brown goat and an amount of GHc 1,000.00 being the balance of Ajet’s money for a job well done, we met Ajet in his house at….. He was very happy to take his GHc 1000.00 balance and congratulated Tiger for being kind and generous “It was when I was in Bimbilla and Yendi that people used to be generous but in Accra I haven’t seen anybody like you” Ajet said.

Ajet Nasam in another scandal

Presently, we received news that Mr. Nassam had just been reassigned to the Cocoa Affairs Court. Did he change his spots here? Unfortunately, no.

Rather, he decided to mark this new beginning with a tint of his previous lifestyle. He accepted a sum of Ghc4000.00 that was handed over to him by The Tiger Eye Team through his clerk to set some armed robbers free.

Current status of the case

Bernard Sallah is currently a free man. Ajet acquitted and discharged him while he convicted his accomplices in the GHc 1,000,000.00 theft case.

Bernard Sallah has his freedom now, but might never know (perhaps but for this publication) the story behind his acquittal; the hands that worked in open and in secret to secure his ‘unjust’ release.

On The Woyome Scandal

With the benefit of knowing his moral vulnerability, The Team decided to probe his handling of the Woyome case that generated so much controversy in the country, sparking heated debate even among members of the bar and the bench.

The focus was on the related issue of a Toyota Tundra that was supposed to have been cleared from the port under controversial circumstances. “Who paid for what and when?” – Has been a riddle wrapped in a mysterious y, inside an enigma.

In furtherance of this probe, The Tiger Eye Team sent to Ajet a questionnaire and a covering letter regarding the said vehicle. But waited as we patiently did, we received no reply. A second letter by way of reminder was went unaswered, though we know and have evidence to suggest that he had received it.

Justice Ajet Nassam has been on the bench for many years, he is highly respected not only in Ghana but also internationally. He is known around the world for his legal dexterity in handling money laundering cases.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

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