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See the 7 most loved celebrities in Ghana […. The real Ghanaian sweethearts]

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majidThey make us laugh, they make us cry, they entertain us and we love them. They are the real Ghanaian sweethearts

Being a celebrity in Ghana is not an easy thing; in fact often I find myself answering the question ‘do we have celebrities in Ghana?’But with my 9 years in the industry and my self-confessed title as a celebrity blogger, I believe we have celebrities in Ghana, and I have been able to gauge also how people respond to the various stars.

In the past, it has been rare to find Ghanaians trying to connect with most of these stars or even cheering for them when they see them in town. Very often, most Ghanaians cannot be bothered. With the growth of social media, there has been some growth in celebrity culture, with ‘fans’ looking for photo opportunities with the stars, and sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. While social media may be credited with some positive growth in celebrity culture, the insults and unsavory comments people make about the stars on blogs and social media cannot be overlooked either.

I have observed throughout my work as a celebrity reporter that in spite of these adversities, some Ghanaian celebrities do get love and respect from the public. These people enjoy good press and you hardly find people who genuinely have something bad to say about them. These people have a good following which is often evident in their online presence. They are likeable, they are ‘loved’, they are admired, and they made our list of ‘Real Ghanaian Sweethearts’. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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