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15 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Have Been in Embarrassing Situations […. See them]

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nana-aba1Being a celebrity no doubt is exciting but it comes with a price. People mob you everywhere you go and they show you so much love.

Aside that, the downside is that whatever happens to you becomes national news. Therefore anything negative which if happens to an ordinary person will be forgotten in a second, will be dragged for days and years just because you’re a celebrity.

Recently, TV3 News anchor, Nana Aba Anamoah played a prank on Twitter by posting pictures of someone else and making it look like they are her pictures. This issue blew out of proportion and finally got her a suspension with her company, TV3 Network. This obviously is quite embarrassing.

She’s however not alone, there are many more Ghanaian celebrities who have been involved in embarrassing situations once or many times and below we present to you 15 of such celebrities. Click “Continue Reading” to see the,

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