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LADIES! 11 Facts Nobody Will Tell You About Giving Birth [#5 sounds funny]

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0Whether you’re a first-time mom or a fourth-time mom, having a new baby always comes with its own bundle of surprises. Their very size is astounding — how could something so alive be so small, and how could something so big have fit in your belly? It doesn’t matter if you’re lying on a table following a C-section, sitting in a tub after a water birth, or enjoying the privacy of your own home, the first moment your see your new baby is a very tender time.

That special moment doesn’t come, however, until you go through the whole awful, wonderful process of labor and delivery. There will be bumps, mistakes, surprises and game changers along the way, and no two times will be the same.

Woah its a beautiful thing to get laid right, now it shouldn’t be pain to get that baby out of your tummy, here i gathered some facts on things you may not know about giving birth. Enjoy and remember to share.

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