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Forget Weave! Let These Female Celebrities Who Look Stunning In Short Hair Inspire You

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1Though it sounds like it should be the easiest thing in the world to wear short hair, it’s a big challenge to many. Many prefer wearing long straight or blonde hair to copy the white people. And of course there are plenty of colored wigs and long, silky extensions which often draw the eyes of stylists, hair enthusiasts, individuals, some celebrities and exhibitors making them desire to rock them to look more sleek.

Yet against the beautifully-looking hair extensions and among the booths stocked with glossy tubs of chemical relaxers, some African women have decided to go back to basics: They wear their own natural hair. That might be seem like an unexpected trend, with celebrities such as Caroline Mutoko, Amani, Alice Kamande, Serah Ndanu, etc sporting bright wigs and extensions.

Some Female Kenyan celebrities are rather fascinated with their natural hair and they want to bring out the beauty in their hair. They want to wear it and show it off. They love the hair they were born with, they embrace it, are proud of it and even wear it to international events. In fact these celebrities really understand that black women have naturally unique and stunning hair but due to inferiorty complex reasons best known to them, they opt to wear wigs and weaves. Even though weaves and all of those artificials look good on some people, they believe natural hair looks better.

Here are the top Kenyan Celebrities who look outstanding, beautiful and supreme in short hair enough to inspire you to try it out yourself. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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