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SHOCKING!! Ladies, This is What an African Man thinks Your Hairstyle Says about You

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what-your-says-about-you-1A woman’s hair whether natural or artificial  matters a lot. In fact for the average African woman in general, hair care is among the topmost priority on the list of her monthly care list. This is usually because every woman wants to be appealing and the hair is no doubt one of the physical things that determine how appealing a woman’s appearance would be.

Well, a woman’s choice of hairstyle varies with time. They prefer what they feel is best at a particular time and they feel they have the right to choose any hairstyle they desire.

However, in as much as every woman has the right to wear any hairstyle that she deems right and suitable, African men have a different opinion. And this is mostly because in Africa, women are basically judged by their outward look.

Some African men were interviewed and they didn’t hesitate to disclose the impressions every lady’s hair gives them. Click “Continue Reading” to see what your hairstyles tell African men.

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