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SHOCKING Revelation: 7 Habits Men Disclosed that they Despise about Kenyan Single Mothers

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baby-mamas-richmondIt’s a challenge for single moms to raise their children in the world that we’re in today as nobody wants to scare guys away because they have kids or they are drawn with motherly duties. They’re always busy, always rushing, always thinking 15 steps ahead, always engrossed in their ill habits– and usually never get to spend about one or two hours  with their children.

And this most times adds to the reason why children of single parents face a huge challenge in life outside financial issues. Going through life with hurts that can limit the possibilities and prospects of those children to be able to have reasons to live.  Such children receive little or no parental care because some single mothers sometimes get stressed out of being stuck by duties of a mother because in actuality they are not eligible mothers.

Because out-of-wedlock births don’t put them in the circles of real married mothers they return to their fundamental routines — whether those are good or bad. In fact, some of them become worse than they were before they got pregnant. After all, she has other concerns, too forgetting that those children didn’t ask to be in a situation like that.

Now there is need to let these single mothers know that men are now sick of some of their ill habits which include the following: Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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