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Here are the 5 signs that tells you need a VACATION [Take a Look]

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1Africans are generally not huge on taking vacations as a majority of its people pride themselves in being hustlers.

A number of those who have corporate jobs where they are entitled to an average of 2 weeks annual leave do not even bother to go on a break and when they do, they take on temporary jobs for the period of the annual leave. But the decision to totally engage in all work and no play creates a work-life imbalance, leading to increased stress, reduced productivity and inadvertently, a miserable life.

The truth is, not everyone understands the need to take time off for a vacation, and while the signs are always there, they do not recognize them and continue to put their sanity at risk.

To help emphasize the importance of rest and rejuvenation, We have decided to reveals 5 signs that tells you need a vacation. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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