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Meet The 10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Snobbish, Egoistic and Incompatible

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snobbish-celebrities-e1425988753584While some celebs try to pride themselves on being humble and a bit servile, there are others that just don’t give a damn. Of course, some celebrities are good people, but most of them are proud and arrogant.

These are the ones that are quite harsh, opinionated, egoistic and snobbish and act like immortal gods while every other person only exist as ordinary humans. If you dare come close to this type of celebrity in the drive way, he or she will not hesitate to put up a ” stay in your lane” look.

To them, they have reached the highest point and would never experience any kind of turn in their tables or so they think anyways. Such celebrities don’t really mind whether or not  they are losing their fans or talking to fellow celebrities, what they do know is that they have indeed gained ground in the industry and as such don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks about them.

And who are these celebrities? They are listed below……Click “Continue Reading” to view the 10 of the most snobbish Kenyan Celebrities!

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