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Guys! Here are 9 Reasons Why Women Moan and Groan While Making Love

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0If you’ve ever seen a po’rn video in your entire life, then you know what we are talking about. It seems that no matter what the person is doing, the girl is basically screaming.

And you know what? Men LOVE it… and women know that. There are specific reasons why women are so vocal about their pleasure. Even if they don’t mean to, they are making all sorts of noises for many different reasons.

Some are on purpose, while others are completely accidental. Either way, you’re probably wondering why there is so much noise going on and what they mean. They simply know what sounds to make and when to make them in order to achieve their goal. Or they just really can’t help it.

But bottom line is, there is some mystery behind the noises they make and why they make them. Their reasons for making such enticing noises are actually very simple: it’s for the s’ex appeal. Here are 9 reasons why women moan and groan in bed. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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