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SHOCKING! Checkout 10 World Famous People Killed by the Media

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6 Oprah WinfreyFrom time to time, we witness one death hoax or the other. It mostly affects celebrities and other popular persons in the society. These falsities find their origin in fake news sites, which require only a few tweets or Facebook shares to spread panic.

Some of these false death reports are intentional – passing as costly jokes or mischiefs, while others are complete mistakes.

Whichever way, fake death reports are real costly misdeeds and are no fun at all. Some of the things that lead to such incidents are: Accidental publication of already written biographies or obituaries, narrow death escape of the person in question, impersonation, long disappearance, name confusion, general misunderstanding, etc.

Here are the most popular False Celebrity Death Reports Witnessed Over The Years. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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