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10 Simple Ways To Make it as a Celebrity According To Ghanaian Celebs [ Especially #5]

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4The life of a celebrity is a very complicated one. You’re loved and hated in equal measure by the same people. You can be on top and at the bottom in a blink of an eye. To survive as a celebrity and stay relevant, one must be on top of the game.

In Ghana the hustle is real. Many become celebrities by doing virtually nothing. There are many who are called celebrities, yet they have no identifiable talent. These ones resort to all sort of ways and means to stay relevant and maintain their celebrityship even though it brings them no money.

To survive as a celeb in Ghana, just follow these 10 simple points and you’ll be fine. This is how many celebs survive in this part of town so maybe you can also try if you want to remain relevant in this game.

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