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10 Greatest & Interesting Landmarks on Map of Uganda [….. Known as Pearl of Africa]

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ruwenzoriUganda is a small country in East Africa. It shares its borders with Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Congo, and Rwanda. Apart from being having a small size, the country which is also referred to as the “Pearl of Africa” is abundant with numerous landmarks that have multitudes of tourists flocking to the country.

Uganda began to take shape in 1914, as several territories and tribes were integrated into one, and in 1962 the country was granted independence. The first elections were held that same year, however, over the next decade the wide range of ethnic groups and political differences in Uganda proved difficult to govern.

Needless to say that Uganda has one of the most amazing landmarks in Africa. Incase you are doubting, check the following are the 10 greatest landmarks on map of Uganda and you will be convinced.

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