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EXPOSED!! 5 Ghanaian rappers who can rap faster & better than Sarkodie

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SarkodieGhana rap has gone through a magical process of transformation – from the typical local dialect to the combination of the local dialect and English or pidgin. This is a rap alchemy that has connected the modern youth to the pioneers of Ghanaian rap. Today, one could just clutch a microphone and vibrantly release elixirs that would either alleviate your pains or make you shed tears.

The industry has produced a host of great but controversial rappers. From Gyedu Blay Ambolley’s infamous rap founder to Sarkodie’s fastest Ghanaian rapper claims, the industry has witnessed rap braggarts but the question that remains unsolved is “Who raps better?”.

Sarkodie is the topic that critics discuss when it comes to modern rap in the Ghanaian music industry due to his flow, dexterity, attack, speed on any type of beat and his ability to perform any popular genre. Due to his aptness and propensity for rap music, he has gained international recognition, awards and even been crowned the “Fastest African rapper” by international media.

Yes, we agree he raps fast but not the fastest in Ghana. Many have accused him of not being able to produce ‘sensible’ lyrical contents on most of his tracks despite his speed. He is more of a braggart than an artiste tackling other aspects of society which many listeners find irritating. Of course Sarkodie has recorded songs like Masses, Inflation and Free Press which talks about the ailing Ghanaian economy and the attitude of the media, more than 90% of his songs are about who he is and why his enemies will not succeed.

Ghana is blessed with many expeditious rappers whose raps influence the youth positively. Some of these have a special ability to concoct ordinary words into verses laden with metaphors, similes, and double entendres that explode with lyrical creativity, and then combine that with a masterful delivery, transforming their flow into a rhythmic elixir.

Here is an UNRANKED list of five Ghanaian rappers who can actually rap better and faster than Sarkodie. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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