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EXPOSED!! See 7 Crazy Things Men Make Women Do

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Going Broke2I was riding home with a colleague last week in his car, it was supposed to be a short journey but lasted longer than expected (thanks to Lagos traffic). During our jolly ride, the ambience in the car changed from 92.3 Inspiration FM to cool R & B music playing from his phone and continued for another one hour. I was quite astounded because he is that guy who doesn’t look like he was ready for love. I said, “Dave, I never knew you were such a lover boy, all these serious love songs, na wa oh. So who’s she?” I asked.

He responded that he’s still searching for her. I asked what kind of qualities he was searching for in a woman and his response was “I just want her to be very fine, and slim, someone that I can pose with when I hang out with my friends in Lekki ”. I asked why he didn’t pick good character first, his response nearly made me choke from laughter.

His answer – a girl who is not fine cannot have a good character. How do I even get to see the character if I don’t like her face? And, in addition she MUST be employed because I don’t want any liability.

Gone are the days when guys were attracted to godliness and good character in a woman; the Ibos will say “agwa bu nma nwanyi” but in recent times the specifics have become more artificial. You have to be anorexic, a ‘yellow paw-paw’, be heavily endowed with an hour glass figure, a big gluteal muscle and full mammary glands. The men are the same people who complain about fake ladies with fake lives and fake bodies but totally forget that they have become extremely artificial in what they seek in a woman, so the ladies decided to become more creative in giving them exactly what they want.

Special kudos to makeup artists who can literally change you from a dark skin girl to look like you were born with white genes. Click “Continue Reading” to see the 7 Crazy Things Men Make Women Do

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