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7 Kenyan Female Celebrities Whose Fans Wish They’d Be Married by the End of the Year

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Amani-1From the onset of the year, wedding bells translated into something almost all Kenyan celebrities want to hear ringing. And by the middle of the year, many Kenyan celebrities had already walked down the aisle with their ‘special other’. But with all the fuss about marriage that is currently hitting Kenyan entertainment industry, some (single) female celebrities seem distant and unconcerned.

These celebrities have gotten some of their fans  craving to see them led to the altar by the end of the year. Not that they are in anyway close to menopause, but because they simply just can’t wait to see how alluring, stunning and glorious they would look in their wedding gowns. How their glowing faces will shine with excitement on their big day and possibly who they are going to tie the know with.

The celebrities under this category of less concerned ones, are deeply implored by their fans to have their weddings before we march out of this year. But the big question is; will they be kind enough to put a big smile on the faces of their fans? Well, these seven female celebrities listed below are mentioned by their fans after a question on social media was presented asking which Kenyan female celebrities should get married before the year ends. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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